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AWS a $5bn business, Bezos claims, as Amazon sheds light on cloud revenue

Amazon publicly shed light on AWS revenues for the first time

Amazon reported first quarter 2015 sales revenues of $22.7bn, an increase of 15 per cent year on year from $19.7bn, and quarterly cloud revenues of $1.57bn. This is the first time the e-commerce giant has publicly disclosed AWS revenues.

AWS revenue growth slows as cloud competition grows

AWS revenue in North America is slowing, which is good and bad news for competitors

Amazon’s recently released Q2 earnings show the company performed well, with overall sales up 23 per cent to $19.34bn, up from $15.7bn in the same quarter last year. But growth in its “other” category, where it aggregates the financial performance of among (few) other things AWS, seems to be slowing. Financial analysts say the reason may be increasing pressure from other big cloud players.