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Microsoft and Azul Systems say Zulu Embedded will encourage IoT in Windows

internet of things farming

Azul Systems and Microsoft are to give Java developers open source development tools, device I/O libraries and a Java runtime targeting Internet of Things (IoT) applications on Windows 10.

Azul brings Java to Docker

Azul said Docker offers better Java performance in distributed computing envrionments

Java specialist Azul Systems announced its OpenJDK-based Zulu offering is now available on Docker. Scott Sellers, chief executive officer of Azul told BCN the marriage of Java and Docker will improve how Java-based applications are deployed and run at scale in the cloud, which has traditionally been difficult due to virtualisation-induced performance issues.

Apache Spark-based cloud provider Databricks bags $33m

Databricks, which offers a processing engine based on Apache Spark, secured $33m in new funding

Databricks, a company started by the founders of Apache Spark, an open source processing engine for large-scale datasets, has secured $33m in funding. The news comes as the firm pushes its first commercial Spark-based offering live.

Java PaaS CloudBees gets $11m in series C boost

CloudBees raised $11.2m in series c funding, the company announced Wednesday

Beligum-based Java platform as a service provider CloudBees announced Wednesday that the company secured $11.2m in series C funding following a round led by Verizon Ventures, the investment arm of US telco Verizon. CloudBees chief executive officer Sacha Labourey told Business Cloud News that the funds will be used to extend its feature set as it looks to differentiate itself within the burgeoning PaaS ecosystem.

Today’s cloud stack is a product of history, not optimisation, KVM founder says

Dor Laor,. chief Executive Officer, Cloudius

Two KVM founders have recently announced the launch of OSv, an open source operating system designed to give applications better access to the raw compute power of the underlying infrastructure. Dor Laor, chief executive officer at Cloudius Systems – the startup behind OSv – says that the problem Cloudius is trying to solve has to do with an abundance of layers in today’s cloud stack, something the organisation is looking to fundamentally change with the new operating system.

Microsoft and Azul Systems launch Zulu Open Java implementation

Microsoft and Azul Systems have released their open source java development kit, Zulu

Microsoft and Azul Systems have today announced another step forward in their move to bring Java in the cloud to the masses as the two companies launched Zulu, an OpenJDK build for Windows Azure, ahead of schedule.

Oracle, Freescale Semiconductor partner on internet of things

Oracle and Freescale Semiconductor will optimise Java SE for Freescale's hardware

Freescale Semiconductor and Oracle announced a partnership Tuesday that will see both companies jointly develop a standard gateway to deliver and manage services aimed at home automation, industrial and manufacturing markets.

Java creator quits Google, develops robot comms

James Gosling, the creator of the Java programming language, has quit Google after only five months at the firm, and has joined a startup that uses wireless communication technologies for data harvesting.