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As cloud goes mainstream House of Lords assesses digital skills gap

The House of Lords Committee on Digital Skills will investigate the competitiveness of the UK in an age increasingly dependent on cloud services

The House of Lords has set up a special committee to assess the UK’s digital competitiveness. The House of Lords Committee on Digital Skills will focus on assessing the digital capability of the nation at a time when enterprise adoption of cloud services is steadily increasing, creating demand for skills around cloud, mobility and cybersecurity.

Almost 80% of CIOs hindered by legacy infrastructure

CIOs and IT leaders claim they are struggling to align technical and business objectives due to dependence on legacy infrastructure, lack of budget and skilled personnel

The majority of UK IT departments are struggling to keep up with the needs of their businesses, with dependence on ageing legacy infrastructure, slimming budgets and lack of skilled personnel playing leading roles in holding them back, according to a survey of over 250 CIOs and IT heads published Tuesday.

Luxury clothing designer sees cloud as perfect fit

Scabal is migrating all of its IT systems to the cloud and transforming the IT department in the process

Scabal, a Brussels-based luxury clothing designer whose threads have been donned by the likes of Daniel Craig and David Beckham recently embarked on an ambitious cloud migration project, moving all of the company’s IT infrastructure including voice communications over to Interoute’s cloud platform. Jose Largo, the company’s IT director leading the migration says that the project will help make Scabal more flexible as it grows – and completely change the nature of its IT department in the process.

Cloud and security most desirable IT skills, say UK bosses

Cloud skills top the list of the most desirable skills for IT professionals in the UK according to a new study

With cloud-based technologies beginning to reach a critical mass in terms of penetration in UK businesses a study published this week suggests that skills in cloud computing top the list of desirable attributes for IT professionals in the UK, followed closely by security.