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Paul Smith taps Internap’s managed networking services as it brings web IT back in-house

Paul Smith is consolidating its web hosting platform in-house

Popular British fashion retailer Paul Smith, which sells its wares in 66 countries across North America, Europe and the Middle East and Asia, has deployed Internap’s managed routing service in a bid to bolster access speeds to the company’s eCommerce platform. Simon Young, web development manager at Paul Smith told Business Cloud News that ensuring high network performance for its online service is essential as it looks to move more IT systems in-house.

Google ordered to pay SimpleAir $85m for infringing mobile, cloud patents

Google has been ordered to pay SimpleAir $85m for infringing its mobile and cloud patents

Following a verdict handed down at the end of January this year, Google has been ordered to pay software licensing company SimpleAir $85m in damages related to its infringement of the company’s patents related to sending notifications from cloud services to mobile devices. John Payne, the lead inventor and majority owner of SimpleAir told Business Cloud News that the company is pleased with the result of the case and hopes this resolves the conflict once and for all.

Thingful aims to be the Google of the Internet of Things

Thingful wants to be the world's index for M2M sensors, bringing order to largely heterogeneous systems and platforms

With over 30 billion IP-connected devices and sensors projected to be in operation by 2020 the tech world is positioning the Internet of Things to be next big movement to fuel innovation. But much like the evolution of the internet, which saw an explosion in user-generated information, all of that data beckons order. A service launching Thursday called Thingful hopes to do for IoT what Google did for the internet – indexing M2M sensors and making them searchable for people looking to innovate with open data.

Google joins Yahoo, Microsoft and HP in calls for EU patent system reform

Google, Apple and HP are among 16 companies calling for more clarity around legal procedures of the Unified Patent Court

Google, Yahoo, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft and HP are among 16 companies calling for changes to the European Union’s proposed legal reforms as it moves to unify the legal framework for patents and set up the Unified Patent Court.