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Adlink and Gemalto partner on cloud-enabled M2M

Adlink announced that it will deploy Gemalto's M2M SaaS solution for industrial applications in a range of verticals

Adlink, a provider of embedded computing solutions for industrial applications announced this week that it will deploy an M2M software as a service application developed by Gemalto which collects and analyses remote sensor data in the cloud.

Internet of Things brings significant security risks

The Internet of Things will force businesses to implement better security controls, ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis said

At the end of last week Juniper Research predicted that the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in homes will reach ten million by 2017 as consumers flock to these technologies to improve every moment of their lives. But Mike Ellis, chief executive officer of ForgeRock, and identity management service provider, says the stampede towards the Internet of Everything has serious security implications.

Internet of Things revenues are in embedded software, Flexera says

Flexera believes IoT manufacturers can create sticky revenue from the software embedded into the hardware

Selling more devices won’t result in big spikes in profits that Internet of Things manufacturers are hoping for, according to software provider Flexera. Instead, manufacturers will have to figure out how to create sticky revenue from the software developed to configure and power their products, the firm said.

Techniolor; IBM partner on M2M, Internet of Things

Technicolor and IBM are partnering to deliver an application and device monitoring service for a range of industries

Media service and technology provider Technicolor has teamed up with IBM to develop a cloud-based monitoring and management service, Virdata, targeted at the Internet of Things and M2M sectors. The service, which can be used to track performance for a range of IP-connected devices, will be hosted on IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure.