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Bosch boosts enterprise IT credentials with IoT Cloud launch

Bosch IoT cloud

German engineering and electronics giant Robert Bosch has thrown its hat into the IoT ring with the launch of Bosch IoT Cloud.

Amazon continues Internet of Things push with AWS IoT

Intel AWS IoT starter kit

The new AWS platform is designed to allow IoT devices to connect to the AWS cloud as well as a managed cloud service to assist with processing the data.

New IBM cloud service could help car makers to internet things and cut emissions


IBM has launched a cloud service that aims to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) so that car makers can cut the costs of production, ownership and pollution.

Salesforce IoT Cloud promises to create meaning from M2M talk

Internet of Things flat iconic illustration

Salesforce has launched its Internet of Things (IoT) offering with IoT Cloud, which promises to convert machine to machine conversations, digital content and customer information into useful intelligence that sales staff can act on.