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CloudSigma partners with open source cloud manager CompatibleOne

CloudSigma is the latest IaaS provider to partner with the growing open source cloud management platform, CompatibleOne

Public cloud service provider CloudSigma announced Friday that the company is partnering with recently launched open-source cloud management provider CompatibleOne. The move is intended to bolster CloudSigma’s image as an open cloud service provider, and adds to CompatibleOne’s growing list of cloud services compatible with the growing open source interoperability platform.

IEEE forms cloud interoperability “testbed”

IEEE's new cloud tesbed group will complement its Cloud Computing Innovation Council in India, and work on IEEE P2302

In an effort to standardise how clouds interoperate and federate with one another the IEEE has put together an intercloud tesbed, which the international standards development organisation says will help the industry develop standard methodologies for cloud-to-cloud internetworking.