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Intel showcases wearable technology

Intel has showcased designs for wearable devices at the CES consumer trade show in Las Vegas as well as a PC in an SD card

Chip maker Intel has showcased designs for wearable devices at the CES consumer trade show in Las Vegas. The firm also demonstrated Edison, a dual core PC with built-in wireless capabilities in an SD card form factor.

Techniolor; IBM partner on M2M, Internet of Things

Technicolor and IBM are partnering to deliver an application and device monitoring service for a range of industries

Media service and technology provider Technicolor has teamed up with IBM to develop a cloud-based monitoring and management service, Virdata, targeted at the Internet of Things and M2M sectors. The service, which can be used to track performance for a range of IP-connected devices, will be hosted on IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure.

Roundup: The industry’s top cloud predictions for 2014

With public cloud spending set to surpass $100bn this year according to IDC many are looking to 2014 as the year the cloud sector moves into a second phase of industrial development, unleashing a wave of innovation and consolidation in its path. And according to industry specialists, much of what happens next in the cloud sector will depend on the deepening integration of mobile, cloud, big data and traditional IT technologies.

Thingful aims to be the Google of the Internet of Things

Thingful wants to be the world's index for M2M sensors, bringing order to largely heterogeneous systems and platforms

With over 30 billion IP-connected devices and sensors projected to be in operation by 2020 the tech world is positioning the Internet of Things to be next big movement to fuel innovation. But much like the evolution of the internet, which saw an explosion in user-generated information, all of that data beckons order. A service launching Thursday called Thingful hopes to do for IoT what Google did for the internet – indexing M2M sensors and making them searchable for people looking to innovate with open data.

Intel consolidates Internet of Things division

Intel is consolidating previous IoT efforts into one standalone division, formalising its emphasis on the importance of this market

Intel announced Thursday that it will set up a standalone division to work on innovations for the Internet of Things. The chip giant joins a growing chorus of businesses looking to capitalise on a market pegged to generate revenues of nearly $5tn this year, an astonishing figure but one that research firm IDC predicts.