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Intel reminds users it powers clouds, too

Intel struck a deal with sixteen cloud service providers to have its branding widely visible on IaaS instances powered by its tech

Intel announced this week that it has struck a deal with sixteen cloud providers which will see the chip giant’s brand included on all cloud-based offerings it powers. The chip giant said the “Powered by Intel Cloud Technology” badge will help cloud service providers differentiate their services and educate users on the unique security and performance benefits of its technology.

Intel showcases wearable technology

Intel has showcased designs for wearable devices at the CES consumer trade show in Las Vegas as well as a PC in an SD card

Chip maker Intel has showcased designs for wearable devices at the CES consumer trade show in Las Vegas. The firm also demonstrated Edison, a dual core PC with built-in wireless capabilities in an SD card form factor.

Google said to be mulling move from Intel to custom ARM chips

Google is said to be mulling a shift from Intel's X86 to ARM-based architecture

According to multiple reports Google is said to be considering designing its own ARM-based chips to power the company’s datacentres, which currently use servers featuring Intel’s X86 processors.

Intel consolidates Internet of Things division

Intel is consolidating previous IoT efforts into one standalone division, formalising its emphasis on the importance of this market

Intel announced Thursday that it will set up a standalone division to work on innovations for the Internet of Things. The chip giant joins a growing chorus of businesses looking to capitalise on a market pegged to generate revenues of nearly $5tn this year, an astonishing figure but one that research firm IDC predicts.

Rackspace adds high performance Intel servers to cloud platform

Rackspace says the new servers will deliver nearly three times the performance of its current kit

Hosting and cloud service provider Rackspace announced Tuesday that it has begun rolling out high performance cloud servers to support heavier workloads. The company says the new installations will cater to growing demand for high input / output (I/O) services running in the cloud, bringing near bare-metal levels of speed to virtualised applications.

Cloud, sluggish PC market chipping away at Intel’s value, analysts say

Intel says it wants to dominate mobile computing, which may deliver volume critical to counter sluggish PC sales

Despite the investments Intel has made in emerging datacentre technologies a research analyst with Macquarie Capital has lowered share price estimates ahead of its Q3 earnings report Tuesday, citing pressures in the PC market brought about in part by cloud computing.

Intel introduces a slew of datacentre technologies for cloud service providers

Intel unveiled its Atom SoC family and a series of other cloud-optimised datacentre technologies Wendesday

In a bid to entrench its technology further into hyper-scale datacentres, Intel on Wednesday showcased chip innovations that will see the manufacturer turn up the heat on rivals AMD and ARM for the datacentres of cloud service providers.

Intel outlines SDN ambitions


Chipmaker Intel has launched three “strategic reference architectures” that the firm claims will enable IT and telecom firms to accelerate hardware and software development for software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV).