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93% of enterprise now using cloud services – survey

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The vast majority of IT professionals are now using at least one cloud-based service, according to a survey recently published by IT portal Spiceworks.

Three quarters of businesses still find cloud performance assurances lacking

According to a report published today three quarters of businesses think their cloud service providers aren't giving them good enough performance assurances

A report published Wednesday that includes survey responses from over 740 senior IT professionals globally suggests that the majority of IT professionals believe typical service level agreements (SLAs) built around availability and performance fail to address the risks of moving and managing applications in the cloud.

Austrian Economic Service taps T-Systems cloud platform

The Austrian Economic Service GmbH, which promotes Austrian SMBs on the global stage, tapped T-Systems' cloud platform

The Austrian Economic Service GmbH (Austria Wirtschaftsservice) announced this week that it has selected Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems’ virtual private cloud for its new IT platform. The organisation, which promotes small businesses on the global stage, said privacy was a key concern as it looked to replace its on-premise IT estate with a cloud platform.

For most workloads, cloud costs less than half as much as traditional alternatives

UK CSP Skyscape produced a detailed assessment comparing the TCO of on-premise or dedicated IT solutions vs their cloud-based correlates; for the most part, the cloud-based platforms were cheaper

In the cloud space it’s exceedingly difficult to find apples-to-apples comparisons, which is among other reasons why there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the true cost of cloud-based infrastructure solutions and when it makes economic sense to use them (or, when it doesn’t). Skyscape chief executive officer Phil Dawson told Business Cloud News that the savings can be quite significant when moving enterprise workloads over to the cloud, but in some cases the financial benefits aren’t as clear.

Terrakom taps IBM converged infrastructure for IaaS offerings

Terrakom is standardising its infrastructure to simplify its go-to-market strategy for cloud applications

Croatian cable and fixed-line provider Terrakom tapped IBM’s converged infrastructure and storage offerings for its soon-to-be-launched infrastructure as a service. According to Terrakom, which entered the cloud market two years ago with two high-profile acquisitions, the infrastructure platform will simplify the company’s existing hardware estate and incur “significant cost savings.”

T-Systems consolidates cloud services on single platform

T-Systems said standardising all of its cloud services on one cloud platform will improve security, flexibility and automation

T-Systems, the IT service provider arm of German telco Deutsche Telekom announced this week that the company plans to integrate all of its cloud services onto a new unified, fully-redundant cloud infrastructure platform. The company says its standardisation efforts will help increase the automation and flexibility of its services, and allow enterprises to implement more robust data residency and data privacy policies.

Bigstep launches bare-metal IaaS for big data applications

Bigstep says running big data applications on virtualised infrastructure wastes resources

Cloud computing and virtualisation go hand in hand in many implementations but Bigstep is hoping to change all that by removing the hypervisor. The company is launching bare-metal high performance computing IaaS for big data applications this week and the company’s commercial director, Ioana Hreninciuc, claims the removal of the hypervisor improves performance dramatically.

Yamaha Motors to shift all mission-critical systems to cloud by 2018

Yamaha said it will move all of its mission-critical IT systems in Japan and globally to the cloud by 2018

Yamaha Motor Co. announced Friday that the company is in the process of migrating all of its ICT systems to the cloud in order to make its global IT platform more flexible and scalable.

Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman steps down, says Cantrill is likely successor

Jason Hoffman, co-founder and adviser, Joyent

Joyent’s chief technology officer and co-founder Jason Hoffman is leaving his position at the company, according to a blog post authored by Hoffman on the company’s website.

UK cloud company iomart gobbles up Redstation for £8m

iomart is acquiring dedicated hosting provider Redstation for £8m

Glasgow-based cloud computing firm Iomart Group on Friday announced the acquisition of dedicated server and managed service provider Redstation for £8m.