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Hybrid environments and IoT pose biggest threats to infosec – F5

F5 Forum 2

Service providers and enterprises face an insecure networking environment in coming years as more applications, data and services are sent to the cloud, according to networking vendor F5, writes

Dropbox the latest to adopt public cloud privacy standard

Dropbox is the latest to adopt one of the first public cloud-focused data privacy standards

Cloud storage provider Dropbox said it has adopted ISO 27018, among the first international standards focusing on the protection of personal data in the public cloud.

Outsourcery: EU data regulations will require more vendor transparency

Outsourcery: 'Cloud service providers risk tighter regulation and slower uptake'

Cloud and hosting provider Outsourcery claims that with impending EU data protection regulations coming into place cloud vendors will need to become more transparent with their data handling policies or risk further regulation and slowed cloud services uptake.