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Apple experiences outage in North America

Apple 1

Apple has restored services to customers around the world after many of its cloud-based offerings and other services faced outages of up to seven hours.

Protecting your data – nude photo or not – stored in the cloud

Keep your data safe in the cloud

Recent news stories of the leaking of highly personal photos of a number of celebrities have caught a lot of people by surprise and everyone should be ensuring that their personal data is safe, regardless of what type of data or who they are. The technical details of the hack has not been made clear, however, it is highly likely that photos were extracted from cloud servers.

Apple acquires Twitter analytics firm Topsy

Apple recently acquired social media analytics provider Topsy for $200 million

Apple has acquired social media analytics company Topsy in a deal reportedly worth around $200m, it was revealed Tuesday. With one of the few companies with privileged access to all of Twitter’s data now in Apple’s arsenal, the move could signal a renewed push into the enterprise by the consumer tech giant.

Enterprises block cloud services for wrong reasons, study says

The study suggests enterprises aren't necessarily aware of the risks involved with using cloud services

Most companies block cloud services like Netflix and Skype in order to ensure the employees’ productivity levels don’t drop. But according to Rajiv Gupta, co-founder and chief executive of Skyhigh Networks, which commissioned a study looking at cloud service usage within enterprises, IT departments are blocking more low-risk services than high-risk ones, sometimes blocking the wrong services for the wrong reasons.

Apple iCloud to take on Amazon and Google

As expected, Steve Jobs took to the stage Monday at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Fransico to reveal iCloud, a collection of cloud services designed to work seamlessly with its iOS and MacOS X devices and computers.