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IBM down 11 per cent in Q4 as ‘transformation’ continues

IBM is having a tough time transitioning its business to cloud despite aggressive investment in scaling out

IBM reported another tough quarter this week, with Q4 2014 total revenues hitting $24.1bn, down 12 per cent from the same quarter last year. While the company reported growth in several strategic areas – cloud, mobile, security and data analytics – IBM still seems to be struggling to transform without taking a long-term hit on its balance sheets.

SoftLayer heads to Mexico

SoftLayer's latest datacentre opened in Querétaro near Mexico City this week

IBM announced the opening of the company’s latest SoftLayer datacentre in Mexico just one week after the company unveiled its Frankfurt datacentre.

IBM in the midst of massive reorganisation

IBM is in the midst of a massive reorganisation

IBM has appointed Robert LeBlanc to the role of senior vice president of cloud, with the company set to implement a massive reorganisation, according to multiple reports confirmed by BCN sources.

IBM opens SoftLayer datacentre in Frankfurt

IBM opened its first SoftLayer datacentre in Germany this week

IBM has announced the opening of the company’s first SoftLayer datacentre in Germany this week, part of its $1.2bn investment into global cloud datacentres announced nearly one year ago. The move comes just months after AWS announced the launch of its Frankfurt-based public cloud.

IBM partners with Equinix, extends cloud to 12 additional locations

IBM is expanding its cloud platform to 12 new locations and partnering with Equinix for nine of them

IBM has aggressively expanded its cloud platform with the addition of twelve datacentres across North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. The move will see the IT giant partner with Equinix for nine of those datacentres.

Korean software vendor taps SoftLayer for EU expansion

Hancom is prepping for a big westward expansion

Korean software vendor Hancom has selected IBM’s cloud platform in a bid to expand the reach of its software as a service-based office suite in Europe.

Cloud Foundry Foundation re-launches as independent non-profit

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has been formally spun out of Pivotal

Following the Pivotal’s announcement in February that Cloud Foundry would be spun out of the company, the project’s open governance model under the non-profit Cloud Foundry Foundation has been formally established.

Fruits of Apple, IBM mobile cloud deal ripen

Tim Cook, Apple CEO and Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, walking the walk and talking the talk

IBM and Apple have delivered the first batch of enterprise-focused iOS apps, co-developed and supported by Bluemix and IBM’s cloud infrastructure, making good on a deal the two companies – once bitter rivals – struck this summer.

IBM boosts patent portfolio with cloud, big data optimisations

IBM is bolstering its IP portfolio with cloud, analytics patents

IBM has boosted its patent portfolio by scoring two patents – one detailing a technique to speed up how data is processed and analysed in real-time data streams, the other relating to how analytics can be used to automatically shift workloads to lowest-cost cloud services within and between cloud datacentres

Cisco, IBM launch integrated cloud hardware

Cisco and IBM are teaming up on converged hardware solutions

Cisco and IBM are teaming up to offer integrated server solutions that combine Cisco’s UCS technology with IBM’s Storwize storage system. The VersaStack deal is Cisco’s first big integrated infrastructure announcement since its divestment from VCE in October.