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CloudVelocity raises $13 million for hybrid cloud solution

CloudVelocity came out of stealth mode in December 2012

CloudVelocity, a start-up focused on improving the cloud on-boarding and hybrid cloud experience on Wednesday announced it has closed a deal for $13m in series B financing led by Third Point Ventures.

Mobily partners with Virtustream to launch Business Cloud Services

Mobily is the second carrier to launch enterprise-focused cloud services in Saudi Arabia

The second largest Saudi-Arabian mobile carrier Mobily (Ethiad Etisalat) on Thursday announced the launch its Business Cloud Services (BCS) platform with Virtustream, a cloud computing management software provider.

What’s standing in the way of hybrid cloud?

More hybrid cloud means added complexity and a range of new challenges for the industry

With hybrid cloud uptake on the rise, the challenges involved with creating IT environments where hosted public & private clouds and on-premises infrastructure can thrive as one will become increasingly important. But what kind of implications do these challenges have for the race to provide enterprises with the most effective cloud services?

Rackspace and CERN openlab to collaborate on hybrid cloud

Rackspace and CERN openlab will work together over the next year to deliver the new hybrid cloud architecture

CERN openlab, a public-private partnership between CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) and ICT companies has partnered with leading hosting company Rackspace to deliver a new hybrid cloud architecture that will help create a more seamless relationship between private and public clouds.

Telstra extends cloud services to UK, Hong Kong and Singapore

Telstra Global launched cloud services in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, and is eyeing the US for a launch soon

Australia-based carrier services firm Telstra Global on Wednesday extended its cloud services in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, replicating its offering for the Australian market.

Rackspace launches public and hybrid cloud in Australia

Rackspace is expanding its cloud services offering in Australia

Rackspace, a hosting company and supporter of the OpenStack platform, this week launched Australia’s first OpenStack-based public cloud offering.

IT departments need to own the integration aspect, says Sony IT director

Ian Cox is interim IT director at Sony Entertainment

With hybrid cloud looking to become the dominant flavour adopted by organisations globally over the next few years, IT departments will have to respond to the growing set of challenges this poses. Business Cloud News recently had the chance to speak one-on-one with Ian Cox, interim IT director at Sony Entertainment to discuss his thoughts on this within the context of the evolving IT ecosystem and the growing popularity of the cloud.

Microsoft aims new updates at hybrid cloud adopters

As the battle for enterprise cloud continues to heat up, Microsoft has announced a range of software updates aimed at securing a chunk of the growing hybrid cloud market. The software giant made the announcements at its TechEd conference, an IT and enterprise developer-focused conference taking place in New Orleans this week.

VMware announces long-anticipated vCloud Hybrid Service

VMware is pitching vCloud Hybrid Services to existing and new data centre customers

VMware has officially launched it’s public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering, extending its existing data centres to the public cloud and offering virtual networking as a way to cut cloud deployment costs for enterprises.