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Accenture, Microsoft team up on hybrid cloud

Accenture and Microsoft are teaming up to help clients transition to a hybrid cloud world

Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade are jointly developing hybrid cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure and Accenture Cloud that help users migrate applications and workloads between private and public clouds.

African Stock Exchange to rely on hybrid cloud architecture

Dhaneshwar Damry has big plans for Africa

A pan-African vision has inspired the African Stock Exchange which has ambitious plans to tap the potential of the continent using hosted technology and a secure base in Mauritius.

VMware looks to attract ISVs with hybrid cloud partner programme

VMware is looking to attract ISVs to its hybrid cloud service with the partner programme

VMware announced a partner programme that it said would boost the ability of independent software vendors (ISVs) to move their applications over to VMWare’s vCloud Air servic

Telstra to extend Cisco InterCloud to Hong Kong, Singapore

Telstra plans to offer Cisco InterCloud in Singapore and Hong Kong

Building on earlier commitments to launch Cisco’s InterCloud platform in Australia Telstra said the service is now in live beta in the country, and announced plans to bring the OpenStack-based platform to Hong Kong and Singapore.

CenturyLink’s federated private cloud service goes live

CenturyLink wants to make a splash in the private cloud market

CenturyLink has launched a private cloud service based on the company’s proprietary cloud automation, orchestration and management public cloud platform acquired from Tier 3 last year. The move comes as spending on hosted private cloud services looks set to skyrocket.

Microsoft to ‘walk the walk’, details internal cloud strategy

Microsoft wants to move most of its internal IT systems over to cloud in the next five years

Microsoft’s Service Deployment and Operations (SDO) team, a division within the company’s internal IT department detailed its cloud strategy and implementation roadmap, as it looks to consolidate its datacentre footprint and retire thousands of servers reaching end of life. The company said the initiative could save nearly $120m in capital costs over four years.

US federal gov failure to leverage cloud may cost up to $19bn

The US federal government could save billions by moving wholesale to the cloud

According to research published this week, although nearly three in every four US federal government agencies using at least one cloud service, most federal government IT staff see a very limited role for cloud services within their overall IT strategy. MeriTalk and AT&T, the firms that commissioned the research, claim the feds may be missing out on nearly $19bn in IT savings.

VMware pushes hybrid cloud with second UK datacentre

The datacentre in Chessington, its second in the UK, will offer the company's hybrid cloud service

In a bid to expand its presence in the UK cloud space VMware has added a datacentre in Chessington to support the company’s hybrid cloud service. Its expansion in the UK follows its recent move into the Asia Pacific region.

Enterprise cloud computing enabling DevOps environment

Red Hat OpenShift

DevOps is increasingly seen as a key component for efficiency and reducing time-to-market. Development environments, like the development methodologies themselves, are becoming more agile. Service level agreements, high availability and response time are being applied to the development environment to improve time to market. This is where open hybrid cloud can serve as a platform of choice for developers to drive the “new production” process.

Cloud hits the mainstream in the UK

Nearly 4 in 5 UK organisations now use cloud services

Cloud computing has well and truly hit the mainstream in the UK, as nearly four in five organisations look to shift their applications and mission-critical systems off premise according to recently published research. According to UK-based trade body the Cloud Industry Forum, the organisation that undertook the research, the next wave of cloud will likely be driven by Microsoft ending support for Windows Server 2003 next summer.