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More than just a low sticker price: Three key factors for a successful SaaS deployment

Teamwork. Business illustration

In its infancy, business benefits of the cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model were simple: save on expensive infrastructure, while remaining agile enough to scale up or down depending on demand. Yet as cloud-based tools become ubiquitous, both inside and outside of a workplace, measuring success extended beyond simple infrastructure savings.

Only one third of UK public sector comfortable with cloud – survey

Survey research reveals UK public sector workers still aren't sold on cloud

Only 35 per cent of public sector staff are comfortable using cloud-based services according to a survey report published this week.

Baker Tilly deploys Huddle to improve global collaboration

Baker Tilly is deploying Huddle to standardise its collaboration platform globally

Global accountancy and advisory firm Baker Tilly has deployed Huddle’s cloud-based collaboration platform in a bid to improve efficiency and centralise collaboration management for over 150 member firms and 700 offices globally.

Facebook lacks enterprise cred needed for collaboration play, competitors claim

Facebook for Work is still in the works, but competitors were quick to criticise the social media giant for its relative lack of experience in the enterprise

As Facebook announced the limited launch of Facebook for Work, the company’s attempt to pivot into the cloud-based enterprise collaboration space, competitors were quick to criticise the social media giant for its lack of experience in the enterprise.

Huddle CEO: Cloud storage is commodity, it’s all about collaboration

Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin, founders of Huddle

Cloud-based collaboration provider Huddle has raised $51m in its latest round of funding led by Zouk Capital, which the company said would be used to double down on developing analytics and mobile capabilities for its flagship offering.

WSP UK deploys Huddle to improve collaboration among engineers globally

WSP UK is deploying Huddle in a bid to improve collaboration among global engineers

The UK subsidiary of international engineering consultancy WSP Global announced that it is deploying Huddle, a cloud-based collaboration platform, in a bid to improve the way engineers collaborate on content across multiple sites globally.