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Google Drive vulnerable to undetectable phishing campaign, experts claim

Hackers used Google Drive to mount a barely detectable phishing attack

Google Drive has been subject to a phishing attack that used JavaScript code obfuscation and compromised websites in order to steal end-user account credentials using Google services.

Telstra’s recent buy Pacnet suffers IT security breach

Pacnet's IT network was hacked earlier this year

Telstra’s recently acquired datacentre and cloud specialist Pacnet suffered a security breach earlier this year whereby a third-party managed to get access to its IT network, the telco revealed this week.

Protecting your data – nude photo or not – stored in the cloud

Keep your data safe in the cloud

Recent news stories of the leaking of highly personal photos of a number of celebrities have caught a lot of people by surprise and everyone should be ensuring that their personal data is safe, regardless of what type of data or who they are. The technical details of the hack has not been made clear, however, it is highly likely that photos were extracted from cloud servers.

Microsoft, Facebook launch internet bug bounty programme

Microsoft and Facebook aim to entice hackers away from selling exploits and vulnerabilities on the black market

In a bid to make the internet and the cloud stack more secure Microsoft and Facebook have this week launched an Internet Bug Bounty programme to entice hackers into revealing exploits in everything from the internet to the popular coding platforms that power it.