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SAP to use 100 per cent renewables in starting this year

SAP said it will start using 100 per cent renewable electricity in all of its global facilities and datacentres

German software giant SAP announced Tuesday that the company plans to power all of its global facilities and datacenters with 100 per cent renewable electricity starting this year. The company said it is trying to cut back its CO2 emissions, which have been on the rise since 2012.

Bharat Light and Power looks to cloud for growth management

BLP is looking to use cloud and big data to improve operations and safety

Bharat Light and Power (BLP), a enewable energy producer in India, has signed a deal with IBM that will see it shift its plant monitoring systems to the cloud, and use cloud-based big data analytics to help improve operational efficiency as it looks to manage future growth. The company says the new platform will help it achieve scale while making overall operations more efficient.

UN powers tech-led green initiative

The UN Climate Change secretariat and the GeSI will partner to promote the use of cloud and ICT for cutting greenhouse gasses

The UN Climate Change secretariat on Friday announced a partnership with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), a consortium of telcos, vendors and cloud service providers to highlight the use of ICT and cloud-based technologies for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

IBM scores green cloud patent

IBM says the newly patented method will allow service providers to offer more energy efficient cloud solutions

IBM Labs announced Friday that the company has been awarded a patent for a method that allows datacentre operators to dynamically allocate compute and networking resources to lower-powered or underutilised systems. The company says the invention will help “green” cloud computing and reduce the energy consumption of datacentres, and allow service providers the ability to offer consumers a trade-off between performance and energy efficiency.