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What did BCN readers say last week?

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Over the past week, we took the opportunity to gauge the opinion of the BCN readership on industry trends and issues, through a number of polls. Here’s what we found out:

Google backs AI over VR

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai has backed growth of artificial intelligence over virtual reality as the next era of computing.

Google cloud team launches damage control mission following outage

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Google will offer all customers who were affected by the Google Compute Engine outage with service credits, in what would appear to be a damage control exercise as the company looks to gain ground on AWS and Microsoft Azure in the public cloud market segment.

Google plays catch-up with Cloud Machine Learning


Google has entered into the machine learning market with the alpha release of Cloud Machine Learning.

Google continues public cloud charge with 12 new data centres


Google has continued its expansion plans in the public cloud sector after announcing it will open 12 new data centres by the end of 2017.

Google said to be on cloud shopping spree

Googlers having fun

Google is rumoured to be planning the acquisition of a number of businesses to bolster its cloud computing platform and suite of workplace applications.

Apple reportedly defects iCloud from AWS to Google Cloud


Apple has moved some of its iCloud services onto Google Cloud, reducing its reliance on AWS, according to a CRN report.

Google’s AlphaGo publicity stunt raises profile of AI and machine learning

Google AlphaGo

World Go champion Lee Se-dol has beaten AlphaGo, an AI program developed by Google’s DeepMind unit this weekend, though he still trails the program 3-1 in the series.

Spotify shifts all music from data centres to Google Cloud


Music streaming service Spotify has announced that it is to switch formats for storing tunes for customers and is copying all the music from its data centres onto the Google’s Cloud Platform.

Google launches Dataproc after successful beta trials

Google cloud platform

Google has announced that its big data analysis tool Dataproc is now on general release. The utility, which was one of the factors that persuaded Spotify to choose Google’s Cloud Platform over Amazon Web Services is a managed tool based on the Hadoop and Spark open source big data software.