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Will wearable IP-connected technology fuel cloud – or the other way around?

Rackspace published the results of their wearable tech study Tuesday

A study commissioned by Rackspace and published Tuesday finds that while only 18 per cent of UK and US respondents have actually used wearable technology, 82 per cent of American and 71 per cent of British users believe that these cloud-powered devices have “enhanced their lives.”

mobile and cloud to reduce enterprise costs by $28tn by 2015

Speaking about the intersect between mobile, cloud and the enterprise at the BYOX World Forum in London Wednesday, Google’s managing director of UK and Ireland Thomas Davies predicted that mobile internet will reduce enterprise IT costs by $25tn and cloud $3m by 2015

Barracuda Networks acquires SignNow fueling cloud storage growth

Barracuda Networks acquires SignNow for an undisclosed price

In a bid to grow its user base and carve out a unique presence in the cloud-based content sharing space, Barracuda Networks on Wednesday announced that it has acquired SignNow, a leading mobile signing and document storage platform.

Google, Microsoft see strong growth in 1Q13


Web giant Google racked up a 31 per cent increase in consolidated revenues on a year on year basis for the first quarter of 2013, hitting almost $14bn. Net for the period climbed to $3.35bn, compared to $2.89bn in the first quarter of 2012. Traffic acquisition costs (TAC) for the first quarter totalled $2.96bn, or 25 per cent of advertising revenues.

Google’s Chromebook arrives

Google’s move into the desktop operating system environment was completed Wednesday with the launch of its much anticipated Chromebook device, which is to be manufactured by Acer and Samsung. In a throwback to the days of the dumb terminal, the device is essentially a portal to cloud-based applications and services, all accessed through the Chrome browser.

SAP: EC2 crash makes selling the cloud harder

Business applications provider SAP has warned that Amazon’s recent EC2 cloud service crash will make it more difficult for the industry to convince business to move to the cloud.