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Salesforce ExactTarget reboots Journey Builder with Internet of Things capabilities

Salesforce is bringing ExactTarget's marketing cloud capabilities to Internet of Things devices

Salesforce announced that it has simplified its ExactTarget Marketing Cloud platform and added new capabilities that include the ability to market to Internet of Things devices. The move comes just one year after ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce for $2.5bn, and barely a month after the company took the wraps off its wearables play.

Google Glass creator jumps to Amazon

Babak Parviz, the brains behind Google Glass

The brains behind Google Glass, Babak Parviz, has left one internet giant for another, this week revealing his departure from Google and new employment at Amazon. The move comes as interest in the wearable computing space continues to heat up.

Plex combines Google Glass with manufacturing cloud ERP

Plex said the combination of its cloud platform with Google Glass is a huge opportunity for wearable computing in manufacturing

Plex, a provider of cloud-based ERP for manufacturing companies demonstrated an application for Google Glass this week that connects employees on the ground to its cloud platform. The company said wearables like Google Glass combined with the cloud can help deliver new capabilities to manufacturing firms and help connect “the shop floor to the top floor.”

Salesforce Wear to bring wearables, cloud-based CRM together

Salesforce announced its wearables play Tuesday, which it said would help businesses provide a more tailored, intimate customer experience

Salesforce took the wraps off its wearables play Tuesday with Salesforce Wearables, a software development pack for the Salesforce1 platform that the company said can help connect IP-enabled devices to business processes. Salesforce said the platform will help businesses provide better customer service, improve product tailoring and critically, monetize Internet of Things devices.

Facebook to buy virtual reality firm Oculus for $2bn

Facebook is set to acquire immersive virtual reality technology provider Oculus VR

Facebook is set to acquire immersive virtual reality developer Oculus VR for around $2bn, as an investment for the future, when such technology is expected to become commonplace.

How Google Glass will challenge and transform the enterprise

Many believe smart glasses will create significant efficiency gains in a range of verticals

Watching Google Glass adverts one gets the sense that everyday consumers will soon use these magnificent spectacles to do everything from sending tweets with a twitch of an eyelid to displaying surrounding Thai restaurants and recording live video of long walks along the Grand Canyon. Perhaps even at the same time. Smart glasses shipments are expected to top 10 million annually by 2018 according to Juniper Research. But while it could be argued that Google’s pitch for Glass relates more closely to how it can be used in familiar consumer-focused applications, this technology will likely find more innovative uses in niche enterprise applications well before it becomes normalised or cheap enough for the everyman. It will also need to overcome some key barriers first.