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Google adds to its Cloud Platform as vendors compete with AWS Lambda

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Google has added to its public cloud infrastructure for developers, Cloud Platform, with a new service that allows app writers to set up functions that can be triggered in response to events.

Google’s new autoscaling aims to offer instants gratification

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Google is to give users more detailed and tightly controlled management of their virtual machines through a new autoscaling feature.

Hortonworks buys SequenceIQ to speed up cloud deployment of Hadoop


Hortonworks has acquired SequenceIQ, a Hungary-based startup delivering infrastructure agnostic tools to improve Hadoop deployments. The company said the move will bolster its ability to offer speedy cloud deployments of Hadoop.

Google Cloud gets bottleneck detection service

Google is looking to appease devs on its cloud platform

Google is introducing a set of tools that allow developers to monitor and pinpoint service bottlenecks in applications hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

Google to give $100k in cloud resources to startups

Google will give $100k worth of cloud resources to startups

Google has announced an initiative in partnership with 50 incubators, accelerators and investors globally to make $100,000 in Google Cloud Platform resources available to startups in a bid to attract entrepreneurial developers to the platform.

VMware joins the containerisation effort

VMware is getting behind Docker and Kubernetes

VMware announced it has teamed up with Docker, Google, and Pivotal in a move that will see the virtualisation giant work to improve support for Linux containers running in its virtualised environment. The move is as much an effort to stave off a nascent containerisation threat as it is a bid to position itself well for an impending boom.

Mesosphere partners with Google, integrates Mesos with Kubernetes


Mesosphere, a platform that simplifies the process of deploying and running Apache Mesos at scale, has announced a partnership with Google that will extend Mesophere’s core capabilities to the Google Cloud Platform. The companies also said they will work towards integrating support for Mesosphere within Kubernetes, Google’s open source Docker management tool.

Google eases migration of large data sets between Amazon S3 and GCP

Google recently added a form that allows users to request their personal data be deleted or de-indexed, but making private companies solely responsible for deciding the validity of such claims opens up a can of worms

Google has announced a service designed to ease the process of importing multi-terabyte data sets by making it faster, cheaper and easier according to Lamia Youseff, a product manager at the company.

AWS, Google bolster SSD-based cloud offerings

AWS and Google launched SSD-backed cloud services in a bid to tailor their services for big data applications

The move is yet another sign big cloud service providers are keen to tailor their services for high-I/O applications, particularly as big data application adoption increases, and as competitor services – like SAP’s in-memory computing cloud platform – become more prominent in the market.

Google tweaks cloud channel programme with tiers

Google said it wants to attract more resellers with its revamped cloud platform channel programme

Following months of speculation internet giant Google announced its revamped cloud channel partner programme, complete with – as suspected – tiers to help stratify service capabilities. Google’s head of global partner programmes Mark Hodgson said the company intends to redouble its efforts to get more service providers on-board.