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IBM, partners score 7 nm semiconductor breakthrough

IBM, Samsung and Globalfoundries claimed a 7nm semiconductor breakthrough

Giving Moore’s Law a run for its money, IBM, Globalfoundries and Samsung claimed this week to have produced the industry’s first 7 nanometre node test chip with functioning transistors. The breakthrough suggests a massive jump in low-power computing power may be just on the horizon.

IBM divests microelectronics business as Q3 disappoints

IBM is selling its semiconductor business to GlobalFoundries in a bid to save money

IBM is selling its chip division, including a massive portfolio of semiconductor-related intellectual property, to GlobalFoundries – with IBM paying GlobalFoundries $1.3bn over three years to take over the division in a bid to save money. The move comes as IBM reported a dismal Q3, with net income for the quarter slipping 17 per cent to $3.5bn.