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Lack of clarity and guidance hindering G-Cloud adoption, supplier claims

Groucutt: 'Local government lacks the resource to keep up with constant changes to G-Cloud'

The lack of guidance and clarity surrounding the new G-Cloud Security Approach and the recently changed Government Security Classifications will likely further hinder adoption of cloud services in the UK public sector, according to Databarracks, a G-Cloud supplier.

As Home Office embraces G-Cloud, Singleton spreads the word across wider government

The Home Office has embarked on an IT strategy modernisation effort, which will put G-Cloud at the centre of its strategy

The UK Home Office is embarking on an effort to modernise the agency’s IT strategy, which according to its CTO and former G-Cloud head Denise McDonagh will help break its dependence on large systems integrators and long-term technology contracts.

Echoing 2011 strategy, UK government to switch from Microsoft to open source

UK government wants to shift away from proprietary to open source technologies to save money and break up the IT vendor oligopoly selling into government

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude told a packed out conference in London Wednesday that the UK government intends to shift away from using proprietary Microsoft productivity applications and adopt more open source technologies, potentially saving the public sector millions of pounds annually and breaking the vendor oligopoly dominating IT. But with Maude’s comments echoing the government’s 2011 ICT strategy, which among other things sought to “create a level playing field for open source software” within the public sector, the news has drawn both encouragement and doubt.