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Non-IT roadblocks derail datacentre streamlining efforts

Gartner says companies don't need more than two datacentres per continent

Large multinational corporations tend to have very complex datacentre estates, largely resulting from years of growth and multiple acquisitions. And while research published this week by Gartner suggests a twin data centre topology – usually two per continent – is optimal from both cost and risk perspectives, many of these businesses actually operate 20-40 across the globe, equating to more than four per continent. But despite the many recognised benefits of datacentre consolidation, non-IT roadblocks can derail streamlining efforts according to Rakesh Kumar, research vice president at Gartner.

Security as a Service market set to exceed $3bn by 2015

Gartner says the cloud-based security market will swell to $3.1bn in 2015, with growth largely driven by SMBs

The market for cloud-based security services like encryption, email security, web security and identity and access management is set to rise to $2.1bn by the end of this year according to Gartner. Kelly Kavanagh, principal research analyst at the research and analysis firm says SMBs adopting cloud services will be primarily responsible for the lion’s share of future growth in the cloud-based security market.

Healthcare, financial services and manufacturing lagging in cloud adoption

Frost & Sullivan says vertically-focused solutions will be the next big cloud opportunity in Europe

As European enterprises look to shift more of their in-house IT systems over to the cloud, research published this week suggests there is a big disparity between the level of adoption among different sectors, with traditionally conservative industries like energy and manufacturing lagging behind sectors like media and retail. Shuba Ramkumar, a senior ICT research analyst at Frost & Sullivan says it’s a wake-up call for vendors: vertically-focused solutions will be the next big cloud opportunity in Europe.

Main driver for cloud shifting from cost to agility, says Gartner

Gartner says over half of enterprises will use some combination of public and private cloud by 2017

According to Gartner nearly half of enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017 as cloud pilot projects begin to snowball into larger cloud migrations. But as the main driver for cloud deployment shifts from cost to agility, IT organisations will have to get better at identifying where they can help deliver benefits within their businesses.