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Businesses are ready for cloud – but lack of transparency is limiting its usefulness

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Despite common perceptions, cutting costs isn’t the primary reason businesses are choosing cloud these days. The other major advantages are the agility and scalability cloud brings, enabling organisations to quickly respond to business demand. The combination of benefits is driving both IT and lines of business to rely on cloud to serve as a foundation for innovation and enablement.

Latisys drops into UK market with London datacentre

Latysis announced the launch of its London Tier III datacentre Wednesday

US-based hosting and cloud services provider Latisys said Wednesday that it is bringing its cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions to the UK with the launch of its London Tier III-certified datacentre.

Private cloud matures but vendors still lag on hybrid cloud

Forrester said most private cloud software vendors are still falling short on hybrid cloud solutions

Enterprises are showing record levels of interest in private cloud solutions, with 55 per cent of IT decision makers planning on building out private cloud infrastructure in 2014 according to new research by Forrester. Lauren Nelson, an analyst at the firm told Business Cloud News that HP’s Open Sack-based platform is leading the private cloud pack on the vendor side, with Cisco, IBM and Microsoft following closely behind. But the research also suggests vendors are mainly lagging in hybrid cloud support, which may give enterprises cause for concern as they figure out how to bridge the private-public cloud divide.