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EMC claims it can make data centres All Flash and no downtime

EMC quantum leap

As EMC prepares for its takeover by Dell it claims it has made ‘significant changes’ to its storage portfolio, converting its primary offering to All Flash, modernising array pricings and introducing a new category of flash storage, DSSD D5.

Is Adobe axing Flash under cover of Creative Cloud?

Adobe Animate screen

As an official Adobe blog hailed a ‘new era’ for Flash Professional, the software company seems to be sidelining its creation.

HPE launches 3Par flash storage – building block for all flash data centres


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has launched new flash storage devices which it claims will bring the day of the all flash data centre and lighting fast cloud services closer.

Huawei’s OceanStor could make European data centres deliver cloud in a flash

Alibaba is boosting the performance of its cloud services and reassuring customers on data protection

Huawei has launched a drive to put flash memory in Europe’s data centres in a bid to speed up the delivery of cloud services.

Adobe under renewed pressure to kill Flash following security issues

Much of the world's digital video content is still served up on Flash

Adobe Flash, the video and graphics platform that was once almost ubiquitous across computing devices is coming under increasing pressure after a series of security vulnerabilities.