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Rackspace adds high performance Intel servers to cloud platform

Rackspace says the new servers will deliver nearly three times the performance of its current kit

Hosting and cloud service provider Rackspace announced Tuesday that it has begun rolling out high performance cloud servers to support heavier workloads. The company says the new installations will cater to growing demand for high input / output (I/O) services running in the cloud, bringing near bare-metal levels of speed to virtualised applications.

Facebook acquires Onavo to strengthen mobile ads play

Facebook says Onavo will boost mobile ad potential and reduce the amount of mobile data for those accessing Facebook via mobile devices

Social media giant Facebook has acquired Onavo, an Israeli-based startup that specialises in mobile data compression technologies, for an undisclosed sum. The company says the move will bolster its efforts to make the internet more efficient and affordable and strengthen its mobile ad platform.

Open Compute Project cuts failure rates by factor of three

Frank Frankovsky, vice president of infrastructure at Facebook

Headed by Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure Frank Frankofvky, the Open Compute Project was launched two years ago in a bid to integrate open source principles into the design of datacentre infrastructure including servers, switches, cooling and rack design. And though none of the big three – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google – have joined OCP the designs being developed by the community have already demonstrated significant optimisations over today’s datacentre kit.

Amazon outage hits Instagram, Vine

Amazon suffered a partial or 'gray' outage

Amazon on Sunday suffered a short outage in its web services operations that served as a reminder of the occasional perils of outsourcing services to the cloud.

Facebook taps vendors to drive connectivity in developing world


Facebook has created an initiative——to bring internet connectivity to the poor and underserved, recruiting a number of telecoms industry vendors as partners. But while the new group cites the importance of mobile operators in bringing connectivity to the unconnected, there are none among the founders.

Facebook backs project to develop ARM servers

An organisation founded in 2010 to define the future of Linux on low power mobile chips from ARM has won support from social networking giant Facebook.