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Molson Coors to pour customer data in the cloud

Molson Coors is looking to help pubs engage with and find out more about their customers

International brewer Molson Coors is partnering with Purple WiFi to offer access to free wireless internet in pubs where its beers are stocked, giving pubs the opportunity to target those customers with offers and loyalty perks based on data ingested through those access points.

Facebook to optimise mobile CDN with QuickFire purchase

Facebook is targeting mobile video with the QuickFire acquisition

Facebook has moved to acquire video optimisation specialist, QuickFire Networks, in a bid to upgrade its mobile video hosting capabilities. The San Diego-based startup utilises bandwidth compression technology to reduce the amount of capacity required to host video online.

Facebook reportedly developing collaboration tools for professionals

Facebook at Work could rival LinkedIn, Skype, Lync, and a whole host of networking and collaboration tools

Social networking giant Facebook is looking to get into the business networking and collaboration game, according to unnamed sources in an FT report. It would apparently take the form of a dedicated zone, called ‘Facebook at Work’, that would have familiar Facebook functionality, but shield your work contacts from any frivolous content posted in the personal section.

Servergy, UoT partner to bridge open source hardware initiatives

Servergy is partnering with the University of Texas to create a lab that will bridge innovation between the Open Compute Project and the OpenPower Foundation, two open source cloud and big data-focused hardware projects

Servergy, a Texas-based IT innovation and design firm and IBM technology partner announced a partnership with the University of Texas Wednesday in a move that will see the two open a lab designed to marry innovations developed through IBM’s OpenPower Foundation and the Facebook-led Open Compute Project.

Amazon said to be designing its own CPUs

AWS is on the hunt for CPU designers, the latest cloud service provider to explore custom-built processors

A recently spotted job posting on the Amazon Careers website for a ‘CPU and System Architect, Amazon Web Services’ strongly suggests the company is looking to design its own server chips, an increasingly common move among mega-scale cloud providers as they look to squeeze more out of their infrastructure. The move, which follows similar Google and Facebook projects, could contribute to a sea change among vendors like Intel and AMD.

Google, LinkedIn and Twitter join Facebook-led WebScaleSQL, a big database for big data

The Facebook-led WebScaleSQL project counts Twitter, LinkedIn and Google as members

Web-scale companies are among the few that can truly claim they have a “big data problem.” In a bid to improve on and indeed leverage some of the features included in MySQL for true big data applications, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook announced this week that the companies are collaborating on WebScaleSQL, a project focused on running and fine tuning MySQL at web-scale.

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19bn, promises to keep it ad free

Facebook will acquire WhatsApp for $19bn in what some have called the biggest startup acquisition in web history

In what some have billed the largest startup acquisition in web history, Facebook on Wednesday agreed to acquire cloud-based over the top mobile messaging firm WhatsApp for an eye watering $19bn.

Microsoft open sources datacentre architecture, will other major providers follow suit?

Open Compute Project aims to do for hardware what open source did for software

Enterprise IT incumbent Microsoft announced Tuesday that the company plans to open source its datacentre reference architectures and join the Facebook-led Open Compute Project. It’s a big win for OCP, but will other service providers follow suit? Racesh Kumar, research vice president of enterprise infrastructure and operations strategy at Gartner told Business Cloud News that Microsoft’s decision to join may be more significant than most realise.

Cloud firms seek government surveillance reform

Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and Google are among eight cloud firms calling for widespread reforms in US intelligence gathering techniques

Google, Microsoft and Facebook are among eight leading cloud and tech firms calling for sweeping reform in how US intelligence agencies gather data in bulk and restrict the ability of service providers to inform their customers on the extent and nature of government requests for such data, according to an open letter published by the group today.

Microsoft, Facebook launch internet bug bounty programme

Microsoft and Facebook aim to entice hackers away from selling exploits and vulnerabilities on the black market

In a bid to make the internet and the cloud stack more secure Microsoft and Facebook have this week launched an Internet Bug Bounty programme to entice hackers into revealing exploits in everything from the internet to the popular coding platforms that power it.