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Outsourcery: EU data regulations will require more vendor transparency

Outsourcery: 'Cloud service providers risk tighter regulation and slower uptake'

Cloud and hosting provider Outsourcery claims that with impending EU data protection regulations coming into place cloud vendors will need to become more transparent with their data handling policies or risk further regulation and slowed cloud services uptake.

IBM launches smart cities R&D in Sichuan with OpenPower partner

IBM is working with Sichuan Huaxun Zhongxing Technologies, which recently joined the OpenPower Foundation, on smart cities in China

IBM is set to launch an R&D facility based in Southwest China’s Sichuan province with its Chinese partner Sichuan Huaxun Zhongxing Technologies, which has also joined the IBM-led OpenPower Foundation. The facility will focus on developing the latest smart cities and Internet of Things technology, a major initiative of the Chinese government over the past few years.

European Commission releases standard cloud SLA guidelines

The European Commission released standard SLA terms for cloud services, aimed at improving trust and certainty around the cloud in Europe

The European Commission has released a set of cloud service level agreement (SLA) standards designed to give EU businesses more certainty around what cloud service providers and consumers are responsible for when entering into contractual agreements.

Half of UK businesses “lack basic knowledge” of incoming EU data protection laws

A recently published survey suggest many UK businesses are still in the dark about how the recently approved EU Data Protection Act, which could come into force before the year's end, will impact them

A recently published survey of 850 senior IT decision makers across Europe revealed a lack of basic knowledge about the EU Data Protection Act, with 50 per cent of the 250 British IT decision makers polled “completely unaware” of the impending regulation. The results could have serious implications for providers of cloud services and their customers, particularly those that handle large volumes of personal data.

EC selects HP to coordinate CoCo cloud project

European Commission selected HP to coordinate CoCo Cloud project Thursday

An EC-funded project aimed at creating an efficient and flexible framework for confidential and compliant (CoCo) cloud transactions which kicked off at the end of 2013 will be coordinated by HP, according to the Commission.

Merkel, Kroes’ propositions for EU cloud “aren’t contradictory,” says EC

European Commission spokesperson Ryan Heath fielding questions about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's proposal for stronger data protection and its compatibility with similar proposals from  Neelie Kroes and the European Commission

This weekend German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the creation of a secure European communications network that would avoid US-based networks and servers. But after questions about the compatibility of Neelie Kroes’ proposals to create a well-governed ‘Open Internet’ with Merkel’s calls for an “EU only” infrastructure, the European Commission reiterated support for the German Chancellor’s calls for better security and data protection but declined to comment on how the two proposals would feasibly coexist.

Telefónica and Orange grow European startups

Telefónica and Orange have thrown their weight behind a project led by the European Commission to aid growth among the region’s technology startups

European operator groups Telefónica and Orange have thrown their weight behind a project led by the European Commission to help the region’s technology startups to grow into global internet firms. The EC said it plans to “take on Silicon Valley” with the launch of two initiatives; an acceleration programme called the Startup Europe Partnership and a think tank called the European Digital Forum.

NSA revelations prompt Canadian, UK businesses to reconsider US cloud

NSA surveillance activities are causing a quarter of UK businesses, one in three Canadian businesses to consider moving off of US servers

As revelations of the US’s widespread digital intelligence gathering techniques continue to populate headlines worldwide, non-US businesses’ trust in American providers of cloud services continues to plummet. A study published at the end of last week suggests one in four Canadian and UK businesses are moving their data outside the US in a bid to evade the NSA’s watchful eye, a significant increase on results reported just six months ago.

EU proposes reforms to relieve tension between data protection and mass surveillance

MEPs are urging the EU to swiftly clarify the legal framework governing data protection and transatlantic data transfers

Two members of European Parliament, Claude Moraes (MEP, Labour) and Jan-Philipp Albrecht (MEP, Green Party), have proposed a number of legal initiatives to the EU Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) to address growing tension between US mass surveillance activities and EU data protection reform efforts. The MEPs said the mechanisms will help give certainty to what are currently legal grey areas as well as restore trust and transparency in transatlantic data transfers.

‘Cloud for Europe’ launches amidst calls for single European cloud market

Kroes said the C4E initiative will help provide clarity for public sector procurers buying cloud services

Cloud for Europe (C4E), a European Commission-funded project aiming to give European public authorities a standard procurement framework for buying cloud services launched in Berlin Friday. Head of the European digital agenda Neelie Kroes said the project marks a significant step towards achieving a single European market for cloud computing.