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Ericsson to build new cloud, interoperability R&D centres

Ericsson says that the new R&D centres will house up to 24,000 engineers, nearly a quarter of the companies 110,000-strong global workforce

Swedish ICT technology and services provider Ericsson announced today that it is planning to construct three new research and development centres that will focus on delivering interoperability testing services for new technologies underpinning cloud services.

Facebook taps vendors to drive connectivity in developing world


Facebook has created an initiative——to bring internet connectivity to the poor and underserved, recruiting a number of telecoms industry vendors as partners. But while the new group cites the importance of mobile operators in bringing connectivity to the unconnected, there are none among the founders.

Mirantis raises $10 million from Red Hat, Ericsson and SAP Ventures


Mirantis, an OpenStack cloud integrator on Thursday announced that the company has raised $10 million in its second round of series A financing from Red Hat, Ericsson and SAP Ventures.

OpenStack makes headway; wins Ericsson support


With virtualisation evolving rapidly and open source in favour, telecom equipment vendors could all end up developing what is effectively the same software to manage the cloud. But what they have to bring to the table is telecom-grade experience.

Just ask Alice

The only way Lewis Carroll’s Alice could access the thrills, perils and rewards of Wonderland was to make herself smaller with a magic drink. Wonderland was a place populated by freakish characters, where the rules, realities and logic of the natural world were either reapplied or dispensed with altogether. A bit like the internet, or at least much of its content.

Ericsson boosts M2M play with Telenor platform acquisition

Swedish infrastructure and services player Ericsson has struck a deal with machine to machine MVNO Telenor Connexion, which is owned by Norwegian incumbent and international operator Telenor, that will see the vendor acquire Connexion’s M2M service management platform.

Ericsson gets on cloud with Akamai

As Mobile World Congress kicked off in Barcelona on Monday morning, Ericsson chief Hans Vestberg identified one of the event’s hottest topics – the cloud – announcing a new focus on the technology as the last part of the “connected society”.