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Will datacentre economics paralyse the Internet of Things?

The way data and datacentres are managed may need to change drastically in the IoT era

The statistics predicting what the Internet of Things (IoT) will look like and when it will take shape vary widely. Whether you believe there will be 25 billion or 50 billion Internet-enabled devices by 2050, there will certainly be far more devices than there are today. Forrester has predicted 82% of companies will be using Internet of Things (IoT) applications by 2017. But unless CIOs pay close attention to the economics of the datacentre, they will struggle to be successful. The sheer volume of data we expect to manage across these IoT infrastructures could paralyse companies and their investments in technology.

KT, EnterpriseDB to offer OpenStack-based DBaaS

EnterpriseDB and KT are co-developing a postgres-based DBaaS

Postgres database specialist EnterpriseDB announced a partnership with the technology services subsidiary of incumbent Korean telco KT Corporation, KT DS, that will see the two jointly develop and offer a database-as-a-service offering deployed on OpenStack.