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Main driver for cloud shifting from cost to agility, says Gartner

Gartner says over half of enterprises will use some combination of public and private cloud by 2017

According to Gartner nearly half of enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017 as cloud pilot projects begin to snowball into larger cloud migrations. But as the main driver for cloud deployment shifts from cost to agility, IT organisations will have to get better at identifying where they can help deliver benefits within their businesses.

Enterprises block cloud services for wrong reasons, study says

The study suggests enterprises aren't necessarily aware of the risks involved with using cloud services

Most companies block cloud services like Netflix and Skype in order to ensure the employees’ productivity levels don’t drop. But according to Rajiv Gupta, co-founder and chief executive of Skyhigh Networks, which commissioned a study looking at cloud service usage within enterprises, IT departments are blocking more low-risk services than high-risk ones, sometimes blocking the wrong services for the wrong reasons.

Top execs should act as catalyst for their businesses to embrace cloud, survey says

According to the survey one in five are using cloud applications that aren't managed by their IT departments

C-level executives are less concerned with security and more likely to bring cloud applications and services into their businesses – even against the policies of their own businesses, according to a survey published Wednesday. And in tandem with the phenomenon of shadow IT (users bringing their own tech into the business) challenging information security, these C-level executives should act to catalyse their businesses’ embrace of new technologies.

Insurers begin looking to cloud for IT operational efficiencies

Juniper says that the insurance industry will focus its IT spend on targeting legacy systems modernisation, online channels, and fraud detection systems.

Global insurance IT budgets are projected to grow at a 6.5 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) with total IT spend reaching $109bn by 2017. Moreover a growing portion of the investment will be going towards cloud computing technologies among others according to research and analysis firm Ovum.

Enterprise cloud projects enjoy “explosive growth” but non-IT roadblocks persist

TheInfoPro says

Over the next two years the number of cloud computing projects will experience “explosive growth,” but these projects will encounter an increasing number of non-IT roadblocks according to a new study published today by TheInfoPro, the service arm of 451 Research.

Bournemouth University shaves six figures off budget with cloud

Mark Flexman, service planning manager at Bournemouth University

Two years ago Bournemouth University embarked on a complete overhaul of its internal IT processes and has since managed to shave a healthy six figure sum off its budget using cloud-based technologies, according to Mark Flexman, the University’s service planning manager.

Cloud and BYOD make headway in London local council

According to Conaway, nearly every employee of Brent Council has a smartphone or tablet

According to Brent Council chief information officer Stephan Conaway, most of the organisation’s data now resides in the cloud, which in some ways represents a significant deviation from how local government traditionally runs IT.