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SSE Power Distribution deploys M2M platform for energy efficiency project

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Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) has deployed Maingate’s M2M system, which provides a data connection between homes and a cloud-based software platform, as part of an Ofgem-backed energy efficiency project.

Google VP, datacentres: Machine learning can help cloud giants increase efficiency

Google's vice president of datacentres Joe Kava said the industry needs to move beyond looking at PUE as a static entity and redouble efforts to improve the energy efficiency of datacentres

Over the past eight years the datacentre industry, including most web-scale cloud service providers, have adopted power usage effectiveness or PUE as the key metric for assessing the efficiency of a datacentre. But Google’s vice president of datacentres Joe Kava told Business Cloud News the industry needs to look beyond PUE as datacentres consume an increasing share of the world’s power.

IBM scores green cloud patent

IBM says the newly patented method will allow service providers to offer more energy efficient cloud solutions

IBM Labs announced Friday that the company has been awarded a patent for a method that allows datacentre operators to dynamically allocate compute and networking resources to lower-powered or underutilised systems. The company says the invention will help “green” cloud computing and reduce the energy consumption of datacentres, and allow service providers the ability to offer consumers a trade-off between performance and energy efficiency.