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Bring Your Own Encryption: The case for standards

BYOE is the new black

Being free to choose the most suitable encryption for your business seems like a good idea. But it will only work in a context of recognised standards across encryption systems and providers’ security platforms. Since the start of the 21st century, security has emerged from scare-story status to become one of IT users’ biggest issues – as survey after survey confirms. Along the way a number of uncomfortable lessons are still being learned.

Ovum: Cloud service providers need to double down on security

Enterprises would be more willing to use cloud if providers focused more on security, compliance

A recently published Vormetric survey suggests over half of enterprises globally are using cloud-based services to store sensitive data, and many of the IT decision makers polled by the firm said they felt pressured into using cloud services over legacy alternatives. But respondents also showed an overwhelming willingness to use cloud services to store or analyse sensitive data if service providers could guarantee some essential security and information governance capabilities and measures.

Box partners with AWS, Gemalto on encryption key management

Box is looking to strengthen its appeal to enterprises

In a bid to bolster its appeal to highly regulated sectors Box is partnering with AWS and Gemalto on the delivery of a service that gives enterprises control over all of their data encryption keys.

Yahoo follows Google’s lead, encrypts data between its datacentres

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer moved to reassure Yahoo users that the company will speed up its encryption efforts

Following revelations that the NSA hacked the interconnection between the public internet and private datacentre links of several high-profile internet companies, Yahoo is to encrypt all data flowing between its datacentres by March 2014.

Google ‘outraged’ over NSA datacentre hack

A leaked NSA slide detailing the "Google Cloud Exploitation"

According to National Security Agency documents recently leaked by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, the US intelligence agency has hacked the main communications links between the public internet and Google and Yahoo’s datacentres globally. Google is ‘outraged’ by the reports, saying it underscores the need for urgent reform.

RSA warns customers over NSA-compromised products

McAfee, Symantec, Juniper Networks and BlackBerry are among other companies using NIST's Dual_EC_DRBG standard

RSA Security, a subsidiary of cloud storage pioneer EMC has warned its customers against using an encryption technology it supplies because the company is unsure whether or not it has been compromised by the NSA.

Breakthrough in MPC cryptography could make cloud computing more secure

Scholl says that the research team has developed a practical implementation of the SPDZ 2.0 protocol

A recent breakthrough in multi-party computation (MPC) cryptography may result in a “sea change” in computing security according to Peter Scholl, a researcher in the Cryptography and Information Security group at the University of Bristol.

Deutsche Telekom avoids US servers; another secure email shuts

Deutsche Telekom is claiming SSL means more security as secure email providers start closing

Deutsche Telekom has said it will avoid routing customers’ email traffic through US hosted infrastructure and will step up email security in the wake of the NSA PRISM spying scandal.