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Stockholm County Council taps Sectra for cloud-based radiology data

Stockholm County Council  is deploying Sectra's cloud-based platform to improve how radiology data is shared among healthcare providers

Stockholm County Council (SLL) said it plans to deploy Sectra’s cloud-based platform in a bid to support improved collaboration and patient data sharing across Sweden’s healthcare providers.

EHR opens the door to other cloud services in healthcare

Chad Skidmore, director of network services at INHS

Across the United States, thanks in part to healthcare IT reform initiatives introduced under President Obama, healthcare organisations have flocked to adopt electronic health record (EHR) systems, integrating them into larger existing systems in order to improve patient care. Chad Skidmore, director at Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS), a healthcare-focused IT service provider, says increased uptake of EHR is also encouraging a broader shift to cloud services. But big legacy integration challenges remain and service providers and medical facilities will have to conquer them before the benefits of cloud can be fully realised.