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Box, Docker, eBay, Google among newly formed Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is putting Linux containers at the core of its definition of 'cloud-native' apps

The Linux Foundation along with a number of enterprises, cloud service providers , telcos and vendors have banded together to form the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in a bid to standardise and advance Linux containerisation for cloud.

eBay chief cloud engineer: ‘OpenStack needs to do more on scalability, upgradability’

eBay aims to move 100 per cent of its service onto OpenStack

OpenStack has improved leaps and bounds in the past four years but it still leaves much to be desired in terms of upgradability and manageability, according to Subbu Allamaraju, eBay’s top cloud engineer.

DataStax bags $106m to bolster cloud-centric databases

DataStax secured $106m in funding and will target the Asia Pacific region and India for expansion

DataStax, a provider of enterprise-grade Apache Cassandra, announced it has secured $106m in series E financing. The company’s chief customer officer and co-founder Matt Pfeil told BCN that NoSQL and is quickly becoming the transactional database technology of choice.

eBay veteran Ryan Neading joins Rackspace as CIO

Ryan Neading, chief information officer, Rackspace

Hosting and cloud service provider Rackspace announced Thursday that it has appointed former eBay executive Ryan Neading as chief information officer, leading the company’s information technology strategies and policies. Neading will replace Steve Mills, who departed the company last August for Motorola.

Netflix loses chief cloud architect to VC firm

Adrian Cockroft, a Netflix and eBay Research Labs veteran has joined Battery Ventures as an adviser to its portfolio investments

The former cloud guru that architected Netflix’s move from its own datacentres into the Amazon Web Services public cloud has reportedly left the company to join Battery Ventures as an adviser to the company and its portfolio investments.