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CenturyLink open sources Docker dev tool Panamax

CenturyLink took the wraps off its open source docker dev platform, Panamax

Cloud service provider CenturyLink announced it is open sourcing a Docker management platform it calls Panamax. The platform is designed to ease the development and deployment of any application sitting within a Docker environment.

Enterprise cloud computing enabling DevOps environment

Red Hat OpenShift

DevOps is increasingly seen as a key component for efficiency and reducing time-to-market. Development environments, like the development methodologies themselves, are becoming more agile. Service level agreements, high availability and response time are being applied to the development environment to improve time to market. This is where open hybrid cloud can serve as a platform of choice for developers to drive the “new production” process.

IBM touts “10x times faster software driven innovation” through DevOps in the cloud

Kloeckner: “business as a service”

Combining development and operational deployment of software into a more integrated cycle can greatly improve time to market and improve efficiencies, delegates at the annual SifmaTech trading systems conference and exhibition in New York were told.

Jaguar-Land Rover: Lessons learned on our cloud journey

Alex Rammal is business relationship manager and director of IT at Jaguar Land Rover

Students entering the IT industry need to understand vendor management better; procurement and business processes need to be tailored for cloud; service providers need to do more work on compliance. These are just a few of the lessons learned Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) business relationship manager Alex Rammal shared about the company’s journey to the cloud.

Eclipse working on IDE that transitions between cloud, servers and desktops seamlessly

GoDaddy is the latest service provider to join the OpenStack Foundation

Ottawa-based open source foundation Eclipse is coordinating a project focused on designing and implementing a new architecture and infrastructure for integrating development tools across desktop, browser, and servers. Project Flux is said to enable developers to move between desktop and cloud-based integrated development environments seamlessly, which could give PaaSes an essential attribute moving forward as devops continue to straddle multiple platforms.