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Container Solutions brings production environment to the developers laptop

Global Container Trade

London-based Container Solutions has released the latest version of its minimesos project, an open source testing and experiment tool for Apache Mesos, which it claims brings production orchestration testing to the development environment.

Rackspace CTO: no-one is bigger than the software revolution

Rackspace - John Engates

While the concept of cloud computing has been normalized to a degree, the industry is now leaning towards the perceived benefits which can be derived from the technology on the whole. For the majority of companies who are evaluating cloud technologies, reducing CAPEX and OPEX simply isn’t a strong enough business case anymore.

Microsoft launches PowerApps for programming in the cloud

Microsoft powerapps

Microsoft has unveiled a new DIY programming system called PowerApps and new features for Office 365 and Dynamics CRM 2016 at its annual Convergence EMEA conference in Barcelona.

Infectious Media CTO on how DevOps is affecting ICT teams


The fourth employee of Infectious Media, Dan de Sybel started his career as an Operations Analyst for, where during a six year tenure, he launched the European Technology division, producing bespoke international reporting and workflow platforms, as well as numerous time saving systems and board level business intelligence. Dan grew the EU Tech team […]

Software AG launches web-based Digital Marketplace

Marketplace. Keyboard digital

Software AG has launched an online shop for development components in a bid to make cloud application development easier for enterprises.

MapR claims JSON IoT development breakthrough

Cloud database

Enterprise software vendor MapR has unveiled plans to slash the workload of IoT developers and administrators by cutting the complexity of managing its NoSQL databases.

Alibaba launches what it claims to be China’s first cloud AI platform

Aliyun has launched what it claims to be China's first AI platform

Alibaba’s cloud computing division Aliyun has launched what it claims to be China’s first artificial intelligence cloud service.

IBM targets IoT with developerWorks

IBM is targeting IoT developers with developerWorks

As part of the recently announced developerWorks initiative IBM is creating a community, developerWorks Recipes, aimed specifically at developers creating Internet of Things (IoT) services.

Rackspace continues bid to differentiate on service

Rackspace hopes its emphasis on services and a focus on the developer will help it rise above its rivals

Rackspace has announced improved SLAs for its cloud services and a new developer programme to couple its existing service organisation, another sign the company is keen to beat large incumbents and midsize cloud providers by competing on the service piece, and refocusing on developers.

Tearing down the walls of vendor lock-in

Gary Calcott, technical marketing manager, Progress Software

Imagine the feeling, you’re sitting in a tiny grey prison cell, by no fault of your own. You have been wrongfully convicted and locked inside four walls. Your only way out is paying a lot of money. While you are locked away, you can see the outside world, observe how it evolves, hear rumours of new gadgets and exciting innovations. You have hundreds of ideas and long to participate but your sparks of creativity fizzle out at the walls of your cell. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly how cloud developers feel about lock-in.