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As Home Office embraces G-Cloud, Singleton spreads the word across wider government

The Home Office has embarked on an IT strategy modernisation effort, which will put G-Cloud at the centre of its strategy

The UK Home Office is embarking on an effort to modernise the agency’s IT strategy, which according to its CTO and former G-Cloud head Denise McDonagh will help break its dependence on large systems integrators and long-term technology contracts.

G-cloud team to increase awareness, Singleton says

Tony Singleton said GDS will step up efforts to educate the public sector about buying through G-Cloud

G-Cloud head, chief operations officer and deputy director of operations for the Government Digital Service, Tony Singleton, said in a blog post Tuesday that the organisation will take a number of steps to educate buyers on and increases awareness of the G-Cloud programme.

Cabinet Office needs to step up, former head of G-Cloud says

McDonagh said the Cabinet Office needs to improve how it educates the public sector about G-Cloud

Home Office chief technology officer and former G-Cloud head Denise McDonagh told a group of local and national government authorities this morning that the UK Cabinet Office needs to increase visibility of the G-Cloud framework across the public sector.

UK government launches next procurement round for G-Cloud

GCloud 4 timetable

Government Digital Services (GDS) announced Tuesday that the fourth iteration of the G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 4, is officially open, meaning suppliers of cloud services can now submit tenders to be included in the government’s cloud initiative.

G-Cloud adoption challenges due to lack of education, says former lead

Denise McDonagh moved back to the Home Office to resume her role as IT director at the beginning of June

In her last public appearance representing the programme, former head of UK government cloud initiative, G-Cloud, Denise McDonagh called on the country’s government to focus on promoting public sector cloud service uptake through the Cloud Store and help address widespread challenges to cloud adoption.