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KDDI drops $270m on Japanese datacentres

KDDI is investing $270m in the datacenres

Japanese carrier KDDI has contracted datacentre specialist Telehouse to build two datacentres in Osaka and Tokyo under a $270m project. Telehouse Osaka 2 will open in August 2015 and Telehouse Tokyo Tama 3 will open in February 2016.

Study finds datacentres ill-equipped for cloud and virtualisation

The study highlighted network performance and downtime as key inhibitors

The study highlighted that while three quarters of enterprises have updated their IT environments in the past three years, 91 per cent of IT decision makers believe their current IT infrastructure still requires substantial upgrades to meet the unique requirements of cloud services and virtualisation.

Moving services to the cloud may reduce energy use up to 87%

The study reveals significant energy savings if software becomes primarily accessed through the cloud

A study published Wednesday by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University and funded in part by Google suggests moving common productivity and CRM applications to the cloud may lead to energy usage reductions of up to 87 per cent.

Facebook backs project to develop ARM servers

An organisation founded in 2010 to define the future of Linux on low power mobile chips from ARM has won support from social networking giant Facebook.

Thinking big

The explosion in cloud computing is driving massive demand for real estate, connectivity and power and hulking data centres are being erected in the frozen wilderness to feed this demand. But at the same time a more subtle evolution is taking place: the network has finally become the computer.

TeliaSonera unit buys datacentre specialist

Nordic systems integrator Cygate, owned by regional carrier TeliaSonera, this week acquired data centre specialist Information Infrastructure Management (IIM) for an undisclosed sum.