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IT facilities lead at Ford Motor Co.: ‘Data residency increasingly dominates the datacentre build vs colo vs cloud discussion’

Data residency requirements are playing an increasingly prominent role in the decision to build a datacentre, colocate or move to cloud

Enterprises should carefully consider the data residency requirements when deciding whether to build a traditional or modular datacentre, collocate your own hardware or move your workloads to the cloud, said Mark Howell, global IT facilities process improvement manager at Ford Motor Company.

Behind the IT strategy that powers the Nissan-Renault Alliance

Stephen Kneebone, chief information officer, Nissan

The marriage of Nissan and Renault, well into its 15th year, brought with it a significant business reform strategy that puts IT transformation at its core. Stephen Kneebone, Nissan’s chief information officer with responsibility for the EMEA region explains to BCN how the Alliance’s IT strategy is helping both brands deliver a consistent, coherent digital platform for internal users and customers.

T-Systems consolidates cloud services on single platform

T-Systems said standardising all of its cloud services on one cloud platform will improve security, flexibility and automation

T-Systems, the IT service provider arm of German telco Deutsche Telekom announced this week that the company plans to integrate all of its cloud services onto a new unified, fully-redundant cloud infrastructure platform. The company says its standardisation efforts will help increase the automation and flexibility of its services, and allow enterprises to implement more robust data residency and data privacy policies.