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Tibco announces stream of new updates


Tibco has announced four new updates for its Spotfire, LiveView, community support and IoT offerings.

Managed Cloud Storage – What’s the hold up?

Boxes on trolley in warehouse

Organisations operating in today’s highly competitive and lightning-speed world are constantly looking for new ways to deliver services to customers at reduced cost. Cloud technologies in particular are now not only being explored but are becoming widely adopted

One in four cloud service clients willing to be held to ransom – study

mobile tablet security

One in four companies would be willing to pay a ransom to criminals who stole their information, with 14% of them willing to pay over a million dollars, says a study. Companies with cyber insurance are most likely to hand over cash.

MapR claims world’s first converged data platform with Streams

Navigating big data

Apache Hadoop system specialist MapR Technologies claims it has invented a new system to make sense of all the disjointed streams of real time information flooding into big data platforms.

Veritas warns of ‘databerg’ hidden dangers

Deep Web

Backup specialist Veritas Technologies claims European businesses waste billions of euros on huge stories of useless information which are growing every year. By 2020 it claims the damage caused by this excessive data will cost over half a trillion pounds (£576bn) a year.

Cloud industry shaken by European Safe Harbour ruling

Europe US court of justice

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled the Safe Harbour agreement between Europe and the US, which provides blanket permission for data transfer between the two, is invalid.

Twitter nixes firehose partnership with DataSift

Twitter is consolidating its grip on data analytics and resellers using its data in real-time

Twitter has suspended negotiations over the future use of the social media giant’s data with big data analytics provider DataSift, sparking concerns the firm plans to shut out others in the ecosystem of data analytics providers it enables.

Private cloud network aims to take middleman out of big data

Reed:'split the value of data with the user, or let them stay completely private'

Respect Network, a service that that links private cloud platforms together launched this week in several cities internationally. Drummond Reed, Respect Network’s chief executive officer told Business Cloud News that the service aims to take the middleman out of cloud-on-cloud interconnections and give users key assurances around how they control their data – and help them monetise it.