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Carphone Warehouse gets into big data through customer journey

Carphone Warehouse is using a number of traditional BI techniques and big data technologies to improve how its staff sell

With retail operations in 8 countries and a growing portfolio of telecommunications services, Carphone Warehouse is currently Europe’s largest independent mobile retail outfit. Paul Scullion, head of business intelligence at Carphone Warehouse explains to Business Cloud News how the company is using a combination of big data technologies to help improve retail customer service and eventually, help telcos improve their offerings.

How Bayer uses big data, in-memory computing for divisional reporting

Bayer is tapping into big data, but due to a combination of security and latency concerns plans to keep its platform on premise

German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer has invested years implementing a big data platform which offers users rich visualisation capabilities for financial data and other KPIs. Daniela Hartig, head of BI at Bayer Pharmaceuticals said the project is just a stepping stone for the company, which plans to extend the platform to cover operational and other high-velocity data in the future.

Bloomberg hybrid cloud service opens access to ‘dark data’ for firms

Collet: opportunities to use dark data

Bloomberg Vault has introduced a hybrid cloud-based service that enables firms to “identify, categorise, track and manage” unstructured data held in corporate files and documents.

Red Hat and Hortonworks double down on big data

Red Hat and Hortonworks are extending their Hadoop-focused partnership

Linux heavyweight Red Hat and big data tech developer Hortonworks announced plans to redouble efforts to jointly develop and market big data innovations based on Apache Hadoop. The move will see further integration of both companies’ product lines and expand on a partnership announced last summer.