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Can Safe Harbour stay afloat?


Although the slow churning of US and EU authorities negotiating a replacement for Safe Harbour can be heard in the distance, no timeline has yet been set for its implementation.

Close to 60 per cent of confidential cloud data can’t have risk levels assessed – research

UK IT professionals claim to be struggling with accurately assessing the risk of storing their confidential data in the cloud

Data from a recent Ponemon Institute survey commissioned by Informatica suggests UK enterprises are struggling to assess the risk associated with placing confidential data in the cloud, with respondents claiming they can’t determine the risk to 58 per cent of the confidential data they store in the cloud.

Microsoft to improve transparency, control over cloud data

Microsoft wants to improve the security of its offerings

Microsoft has announced a series of measures to give customers more control over their cloud-based data, a move it claims will improve transparency around how data is treated as well as the security of that data.

Ovum: Security skills shortage remains most prevalent barrier in cloud

Security skills shortages are hampering IT's ability to adopt cloud services

Security and an IT security skills shortage remain the most prevalent barriers to cloud uptake, according to Ovum principle analyst Andrew Kellett.

Google defends its use of data, points finger at governments

Whetstone defended Google'e approach to managing customer data while acknowledging the firm hasn't always got it right

Google’s senior vice president communications and public policy Rachel Whetstone has defended the company’s evolving strategy on collecting and managing personal data, but said governments need to reform how they seek data from private firms and one another.

BYOD needs to shift to account for wearables

Enterprises need to start including wearables in their BYOD and data security plans

The popularity of wearables in the workplace is due to accelerate rapidly over the next twelve months, recently published research suggests. Raimund Genes, chief technology officer of Trend Micro, the firm that commissioned the research, said IT departments need to begin incorporating wearable computing devices into their data protection and device management policies in order to mitigate data security challenges associated with such a rapid proliferation of devices.

Cloud, IoT, big data require international charter on data privacy, experts claim

Data privacy experts have renewed calls for an enforceable supra-national agreement on data protection

Data security – and its correlate, data privacy – has become the leading issue when it comes to emerging digital technologies, especially cloud computing, big data, and the burgeoning Internet of Things. That’s why some of the world’s foremost data privacy and data security experts are calling for harmonised international standards on policies and processes related to data storage and handling.

Data governance issues slowing US fed move to cloud

Data governance challenges are holding back US federal government agencies from moving to the cloud

Nearly ninety per cent of federal government IT professionals are apprehensive about migrating their agencies’ systems to the cloud, with many migration projects still being held up by cloud-related data governance challenges, recently published research by MeriTalk reveals. Research by the same firm earlier this summer suggests these agencies could be missing out on roughly $19bn in savings.

Protecting your data – nude photo or not – stored in the cloud

Keep your data safe in the cloud

Recent news stories of the leaking of highly personal photos of a number of celebrities have caught a lot of people by surprise and everyone should be ensuring that their personal data is safe, regardless of what type of data or who they are. The technical details of the hack has not been made clear, however, it is highly likely that photos were extracted from cloud servers.

White House looks to US citizens for feedback on Big Data

The US government is looking for input from the public on the implications of Big Data technologies on their lives

Following requests from US President Barack Obama last month to lead a comprehensive review of how Big Data will affect how American live and work, the White House Office of Science and Technology policy (OSTP) announced that it is now seeking public comment on the ways in which Big Data may impact privacy, the economy, and public policy.