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Microsoft endorses EU-US Privacy Shield despite criticism from EU industry commentators

Data protection

Microsoft has become one of the first major US tech companies to confirm its support of the EU-US Privacy Shield, the successor of the now defunct Safe Harbour Agreement.

IBM and Box extend partnership to offer greater flexibility on data residence

Partnership hand holding

IBM has extended its partnership with Box to provide enterprises the choice to store data regionally in Europe and Asia on the IBM Cloud.

Socitm outlines concerns for local government ahead of new data protection regulations

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The Society of Information Technology Management, Socitm, has stated that local government bodies should review all information governance arrangements in light of changes to EU-US data protection policies.

US revealed to have 46% of all data centres despite EU concerns

Data protection

New findings from Synergy Research Group show that 46% major cloud and internet data centre sites are located in the US, with second placed China only accounting for 7%.

Druva’s data protection service now available on Azure


Converged data protection firm Druva has allied itself with Microsoft Azure in a bid to expand its cloud presence to a wider public cloud and infrastructure market.

Opinion divided on impact of CISA ruling on Safe Harbour

Open Data

The new US Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), passed in the US Senate on Tuesday, has made it even harder for data sharing between the US and EU, according to critics.

CSA tool helps cloud users evaluate data protection posture of providers

The CSA says the tool can help customers and providers improve their cloud data protection practices

The Cloud Security Alliance this week unveiled the next generation of a tool designed to enable cloud customers to evaluate the level of data protection precautions implemented by cloud service providers.

ISO 27018 and protecting personal information in the cloud: a first year scorecard

ISO 27018 has been around for a year - but is it effective?

A year after it was published, ISO 27018 – the first international standard focusing on the protection of personal data in the public cloud – continues, unobtrusively and out of the spotlight, to move centre stage as the battle for cloud pre-eminence heats up.

Microsoft to improve transparency, control over cloud data

Microsoft wants to improve the security of its offerings

Microsoft has announced a series of measures to give customers more control over their cloud-based data, a move it claims will improve transparency around how data is treated as well as the security of that data.

EU data protection authorities rubber-stamp AWS’ data processing agreement

EU data protection authorities have rubber-stamped AWS' data protection practices

The group of European Union data protection authorities, known as the Article 29 Working Party (WP29), has approved AWS’ Data Processing Agreement, which the company said would help reassure customers it applies high standard of security and privacy in handling their data, whether moved inside or out of the EU.