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Microsoft enters the containers race

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Microsoft has cashed in on one of the industry’s trending technologies, with the announcement of the general availability of the Azure Container Service.

Head in the clouds: Four key trends affecting enterprises

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Cloud is changing the way businesses are functioning and has provided a new and improved level of flexibility and collaboration.

Will containers change the world of cloud?

Global Container Trade

The rise of containers as a technology has been glorious and confusing in equal measure. While touted by some as the saviour of developers, and by others as the end of VM’s, the majority simply don’t understand containers as a concept or a technology.

Containers and microservices starting to enter mainstream market – survey


A recent survey from NGINX highlighted that containers and microservices are two buzzwords which are starting to enter the mainstream market, as companies target daily software releases.

Containers: 3 big myths

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Joe Schneider is DevOps Engineer at Bunchball, a company that offers gamification as a service to likes of Applebee’s and Ford Canada.

Containers aren’t new, but ecosystem growth has driven development

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Business Cloud News talks to Kyle Anderson, who is the lead developer for Yelp, to learn about the company’s use of containers, and whether containers will ultimately live up to all the hype.

Rackspace launches Carina ‘instant container’

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Rackspace has launched a new ‘instant container’ offering which it says will take the strain out of building infrastructure.

Companies with unmonitored Dockers could be dangerously exposed – study

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While container technology is sweeping the board and being installed practically everywhere, its progress will be largely unmonitored, says a study. According to the research figures, the majority of Docker adopters could be sleepwalking into chaos.

Why visibility and control are critical for container security

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Reacting to the steady flow of reported security breaches in open source components such as Heartbleed, Shellshock and Poodle is making organisations focus increasingly on making the software they build more secure, improving application delivery, agility and security.

OpenStack Liberty release features enhancements for SDN and containers

OpenStack Summit

The twelfth release of OpenStack will tackle the cloud software toolset’s size limitations and will offer new options for software defined networking, says the Openstack Foundation.