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Deloitte and Cloudera create compliance service in the cloud


Professional service company Deloitte and cloud operator Cloudera have launched a jointly created cloud service that helps financial services people meet their compliance obligations more easily.

Rackspace launches managed security and compliance service for enterprise cloud clients

Security concept with padlock icon on digital screen

Rackspace has announced new managed security and compliance assistance services to protect businesses and mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

Outsourcery: EU data regulations will require more vendor transparency

Outsourcery: 'Cloud service providers risk tighter regulation and slower uptake'

Cloud and hosting provider Outsourcery claims that with impending EU data protection regulations coming into place cloud vendors will need to become more transparent with their data handling policies or risk further regulation and slowed cloud services uptake.

Virtustream buys ViewTrust Technology to bolster cloud compliance, security

Virtustream acquired ViewTrust for an undisclosed sum, and plans to offer its software as well as embed its technology in its IaaS offering

Cloud service provider Virtustream announced Tuesday that it has acquired ViewTrust Technology, a provider of security and compliance technology for enterprises. The firms have not disclosed the details of the transaction.

Cost prevention overtakes compliance as goal for cloud-based software

Peter Bjorkman, CTO, Snow Software

Over half of a company’s IT applications are predicted to be located in the ‘cloud’ within the next two years, according to industry analysts. This requires yet another shift in asset management methodologies as the traditional ‘WINTEL’ environments of the past continue to be superseded by heterogeneous platforms combining Linux, Mac, Windows, virtualisation and software as a service (SaaS) applications. As the switch to cloud based applications continues to gain pace, this will upset the traditional view of software asset management (SAM) as being primarily concerned with delivering licensing compliance and widen the emphasis on cost optimisation.