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Salesforce launches platform to keep partners, resellers, distributors in sync

Salesforce's Community Cloud will help keep business partners connected

According to the company the Salesforce1 Community Cloud is a “trusted destination for customers, partners and employees” to collaborate on business processes within and across multiple organisations. The better connected resellers, distributors and partners, the smoother the sales pipeline – and the easier it becomes to drive marketing through and understand the behaviour of the channel, Salesforce said.

US federal gov failure to leverage cloud may cost up to $19bn

The US federal government could save billions by moving wholesale to the cloud

According to research published this week, although nearly three in every four US federal government agencies using at least one cloud service, most federal government IT staff see a very limited role for cloud services within their overall IT strategy. MeriTalk and AT&T, the firms that commissioned the research, claim the feds may be missing out on nearly $19bn in IT savings.