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IBM cosies up to US federal government with new DC innovation centre

IBM wants to collaborate with the public sector on cloud innovations based on their needs

IBM opened up the Federal Cloud Innovation Center in Washington DC this week. The technology giant wants to make its research and consulting services available to federal agencies and public sector organisations as they look to migrate to or build out cloud services.

WeDo to offer roaming and rating solutions through PT cloud

Portugal Telecom opened a 50,000 server datacenter in September

Portuguese business assurance specialist WeDo Technologies has announced a partnership with incumbent operator Portugal Telecom (PT) that will see the firm’s rating validation and roaming management solutions offered on a SaaS model as part of PT’s new enterprise cloud offering, SmartCloudPT.

IBM awarded patent for dynamic network management in the cloud

IBM filed the patent in December 2009

Researchers at IBM’s labs in the US have been awarded a patent for a method to dynamically manage network bandwidth within a cloud environment, which the company says will be the next cornerstone of software defined networking and could lead to improved cloud performance.

CompTIA to certify IT pros in cloud, virtualisation

CompTIA has developed a vendor-neutral certification programme for IT professionals working with cloud services and technologies

Cloud and virtualisation skills are in high demand and relatively short supply but CompTIA, an industry trade association is launching a certification programme this week which aims to help IT professionals validate their cloud skills.

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